The Christmas Struggle


I generally love the Christmas season. Growing up Christmas was always so much fun. Putting up the tree, family dinners, family outings, hot chocolate, cookies, Christmas movies and of course gifts. Lots of gifts.

As an adult, I’m not as… enthused

Don’t get me wrong I still love Christmas. It’s just that now I love the end result. I love the smile on my kids faces when they open their gifts… I don’t love that my energy bill is about 2 months late on account of it. I love me and the hubby and the kids putting up the tree and all the decorations… I hate going to Wal-Mart or Michael’s and realizing I had to spend another $100 on shit that’s gonna be up for a month once a year. Sometimes  I want to keep it all up until valentines day because Christmas decorations ain’t cheap. ~sigh.

I promise though I do love the Holiday season. It’s sort of love-hate. I love all of the shopping, I even enjoy my time at the store, I just don’t like the part where I take my money out of my pocket. I really enjoy my family during this season + I absolutely loveee gift giving. At this point, I get much more satisfaction out of giving than getting. I just wish I could give the thing I really want to give. Two-hundred-dollar sneakers, jewelry, designer wallets and $300 headphones. I enjoy buying people things but I’m at this point in my life where all of my gifts from the clearance section, no one gets anything costing over twenty dollars and if you’re over 18 you get nothing. Period.

I’m hard at work trying to make my life better and while I’m fully aware of that, it doesn’t make me feel any better about all of the things I can’t deliver on for my family.


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